7 Proven Strategies to Attract ‘High-End’ Clients

7 Proven Strategies to Attract ‘High-End’ Wedding Photography Clients

1. Mindset

Do not doubt your credibility to get the ‘best’ jobs. You’re the (wo)man! You’re the go-to photographer for these clients, you need to believe it, and talk about that with conviction. You certainly don’t want to reinforce nonsense like “I don’t want to push my prices above £X, as I like the clients I currently have and don’t want to be dealing with ‘pain in the arse’ rich people” – as that is a nonsense generalisation.

2. Build a customer profile

‘High-end’ isn’t particularly helpful when it comes to forming marketing strategies, so take a bit of time to define who this ideal client is; where do they live? What do they do for work? Where are they likely to hang out? The more you can build this picture the better, as it’ll make intercepting their attention much easier.

3. Credibility

Whether it’s via your website or another communication, make it easy for the clients to establish your credibility. That’s not just necessarily you just rattling on about how great you are. It could be anything that reflects your experience or a stamp of approval from previous clients that your prospective clients can relate to. This could be as simple as profiling a blog post about a wedding you shot in the sort of place you want to shoot more of, for clients you want to shoot more of, with a wicked set of pictures and blinding review.

Now those higher-end clients love a bit of bragging-by-proxy, so if you’ve got something a little extra that you think your prospective clients will enjoy being able to brag to other people about then make sure it’s known in your communications; sometimes it’s as crude as price “our wedding photographer cost us £5k”, sometimes it’s something a bit more subtle and on-tone “Our wedding photographer shot Jo Malone’s daughters wedding in Italy last year”.

4. Adjust your branding, tone, and work

Now, there isn’t much point in doing all of the above, and then greeting these new found ‘high-end’ clients with a portfolio full of the arse end of the Holiday Inn function ‘suite’, and copy that boasts of your “cheap wedding photography offers”. Oh no, we need to be much more selective and refined.

Only show what you want to shoot, consider having a copywriter write the copy for your website, and have a designer re-brand your business to gear it more towards the more culturally aware individuals. If you’re doing it yourself, taking a look at design trends in fashion and interiors is pretty good start when it comes to reconsidering your own branding.

5. Pricing

A nice simple one. Now I won’t go into the phycology, but, generally speaking, consumers are reassured by pricing as it’s a tangible and objective scale to use when comparing something that is inherently subjective. Be brave, and go for a price point that makes sense for your business strategy.

6. Choose your Partners to Choose Your Audience

Riding the wake of association is a powerful way to allow prospective clients to quickly build a picture of who you are and what you’re about. For us wedding folk there are quite a few ways to do (and not do!) this. If you’re trying to sell yourself as a global galloping destination wedding photographer, having the badges for ‘Skegness Wedding Awards Photographer of the Year” on your homepage is going to hamper that look, whereas having a feature post on Harpers Bazaar of a wedding you shot in a Bordeaux, is going to help.

Think what recognizable brands within or outside of the wedding photography world you can somehow get associated with (sometimes it’s going to be tenuous but I’m sure you can ham it up a little!). A good place to start would be venues, blogs and prestigious wedding planners.

7. Customer Service

Now the aim of the game here is that once you’re in, you want to stay within those circles; so when we say “customer service” we really mean “keep clients happy and get their referrals coming in”. Doing a great job is, of course, paramount, but beyond the pictures, you want to have struck up a great and hopefully ongoing relationship so that when the day comes that they’re in a position to recommend a photographer to one of their peers, you’re on the tip of their tongue.


So hopefully that’s enough to get you started on your journey of a better paid, more valued, and maybe even easier life of better clients!


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