Barney has been a UK Wedding Photographer for 8 years and over the past 3 years has become obsessed with travel, both for destination weddings across Europe, and personal trips with his better half, Poppy.

Living between two costal towns in the UK and Spain plus travelling frequently, Barney approaches productivity from an obsession to remove or systemise all non-cash generating areas of his businesses.

When the cameras are down, Barney also has a passion for UK property, macro economics, great coffee (especially when coupled with a morning ski), and would be lost without a notebook and the podcast app on his phone.

Ben, the Videographer in the room, turns heads when asked “how many weddings do you shoot each year?”. The master of systemising a high quality video product to some 60+ couples a year (and he still edits).

After streamlining his post production to an art form in it’s own right. It has been the appearance of children with his wife, Emily that has resulted in a further push towards efficiency.

Alongside Barney, Ben co-founded Smart Space in 2017, a design led property venture that renovates unloved homes into modern practical living spaces. Aside from the businesses and family commitments, Ben enjoys spending time gardening and snowboarding (in equal measure).


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