PBBKK Spring 2020 Announcing Soon

PBBKK is not a workshop and it’s not a conference. PBBKK is an annual retreat designed to encourage collaboration, reflect and evaluate on past and current self-performance, and if necessary, the framework to adjust your actions, allowing you to move closer to your goals.

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Thailand is a wonderfully interesting and diverse country, with a reputation for superb hospitality. We’ll show you some of what Thailand has to offer, but you’ll most likely want to return!
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You’ll walk away from PBBKK with new friends with a similar mindset, but more importantly a group of individuals to hold you accountable over the preceding 12 months of your journey.
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We get it! We do. You’ll also need some chill time, so will we! It’s time away from the family, time to recoup after the previous year, and time to reset the mind and body for the year ahead.
photographers business travel koh change island trip grow
More than anything, PBBKK will provide you with the opportunities to learn from each other, put in place action steps to move forward and give you the platform and support to unleash your creative business person within.
The Trip
What we’ll get up to
What’s included
Money and Terms
The Trip

Unlike any event, workshop, conference or retreat you’ve attended before, we won’t be having any specific industry gurus along to talk, or going on any “portfolio building” photo shoots, instead will be using the time productively to collaborate ideas and build goals for the year ahead.

PBBKK is a laidback, yet naturally immersive, six-day mastermind with other businesslike creatives that each have a unique story to tell and expertise to share. Coming together for a week in a different time zone we’ll Explore, Connect, Reset and Grow together.

If you’ve already taken control of your future, appreciate the value of collective discussion in an immersive setting and feel you’d benefit from, as well as contribute to, PBBKK we’d love for you to apply to join us on the Island of Koh Chang in Thailand during January of 2020.

What we’ll get up to

During the 6 days in Thailand, we’ll show you the sites of Bangkok including one of the famous rooftop bar’s on Sukhumvit road, as well as the madness of backpacker avenue officially know as Koh San Road. Our time in Bangkok will be short and positioned at the end of the adventure as a ‘going home’ party.

Our first stop will be Koh Chang Island, where we’ll spend most of our time together. Koh Chang is a fairly large Island which is easily accessible by a short Ferry from the mainland. It has a population of around 5,000 people and covers an area of around 165 square miles (all be it over 70% of that space is dense rainforest). We’ll be staying at a low key venue positioned at the South West of the Island away from most of the hustle and bustle.

Most of the activity is on the west side of the island and from our accommodation, you can get almost anywhere in 30 minutes by using one of the many taxies (for just a few pounds). Whilst we’re on the island you are welcome to explore as much or as little as you like.

Most of our time together, including the planned coffee shop sessions, beachfront villa scheming and evening cocktails we’ll be within 15 minutes walking distance of our accommodation.

During each day you can expect there to be 4 to 5 hours of ‘structured’ conversation time, whilst the rest of the day will be about mulling over ideas, informal conversations, walks in our flip-flops and chill time by the pool!

What’s included

Flights from London to Bangkok are included. We’ll be departing London together on (DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY) and return from Bangkok a week later on (DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY). Whilst we’ll be away for 7 nights in total, one night will be a redeye flight (overnight).

As well as your flights, we’ll also cover the taxis and ferry to and from Koh Chang, airport transfers in Bangkok and of course an obligatory tuk-tuk ride or two.

Accommodation for 6 nights.
All the accommodation that we’ll be staying in will be 4 or 5 star, all will have a private bathroom with toilet (that flush like western toilets), and all will have air-conditioning. Unless you choose otherwise, prices include a private room with a double bed, in some instances, you will have the option to share a room to save a % of the total cost. Please speak with us about this.

Breakfast and Dinner.
All the accommodation will supply breakfast each morning, both in Bangkok and on Koh Chang. Each evening we’ll eat together at a different restaurant near our accommodation. Please let us know of any dietary requirements, most of the establishments in Thailand serve a mix of Thai and Western dishes. At lunchtime, we’ll often take a break for a couple hours, during this time your welcome to explore a nearby cafe, order room service or have Pad Thai with new friends. Allowing £10 a day for lunch will be more than sufficient.

Flat Whites, Chang, Thai Mojitos and Vodka RedBull Buckets.
All drinks are included, yes the alcoholic ones too. We’ll buy flat whites during brainstorming periods at the local coffee shop and Lattes during our chat sessions on the seafront. Plus, we’ll cover the first two rounds at the restaurant/bar each night (maybe one or two more on the last night).

Time Out
Whilst on Koh Chang well also arrange a couple of optional activities we can all do together. We like the idea of some leisurely time on the water in a few Kayak’s as well as some morning meditation, anyone up for Yoga? You’ll also need to try a Thai Massage on the beach! Details of these activities along with a full detailed itinerary will be discussed in a private facebook group from September onwards.

What’s not included

Travel to London
Lunch each day
Vaccinations (if required)
Travel Insurance

Money and Terms

The cost of one ticket to PBBKK 2020 is £1,976.

8 monthly payments of £247 are due each month from July 2019 to February 2019.

If you’re a Monthly Insider or Annual Insider, you can save 5% (£98) on the above costs.
All payments are non-refundable once paid.

Places are limited to 12 people. Opening Soon.


£1,976 ONLY