Business Banking for Wedding Photographers

Banking Reinvented with Tide. 

Business banking for wedding photographers

Open a bank account through a mobile App in under 4 minutes.

Automatically syncs with Xero.

Simple Fees.

Travel friendly debit card.

FCA Authorised.

Over here at Photographers Business we’re always on the look out for new business systems and specifically, technology driven ways of systemising daily business chores. One of those areas that has been hard to ‘upgrade’ from is the age old (first world) problem of banking.

Typically for every new venture you start, or each time you need to speak with a bank manager about updating your account, you’ve had no choice but to book an appointment and take time out to visit the high street for an hour long (let’s face it – pointless) meeting!

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones that has had great service for a few years (yes it does exist!), chances are you’re either wasting time on annual bank appointments, paying too much in fees, visiting your branch with unnecessary paperwork, or the worst part of all – having to go through the pain of setting up an account in the first place!

Sound familiar? Well finally it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel. Six months ago the duo here at Photographer Business switched the first of our accounts over to Tide Business Banking (if you live in London, you’ve probably seen their adds on the underground). At first, we were a little sceptical, but after opening a NEW account in under 4 minutes, from an iPhone, with NO paperwork – we were quickly impressed! Within a few seconds of opening the account we had our account number and sort code and were ready to start banking.

Business banking for wedding photographers

Yes, yes. Opening the account is one thing.

Using the account, over the past 6 months has been just as easy, the customer services is like using WhatsApp, and whilst some of the features are limiting still at the moment, there is no doubt in our minds that this is the future! You can now get bank loans, add secondary accounts with separate account numbers, directly connect to Xero accounting, pay invoices just by uploading a PDF, all from inside the smart app, or by scanning a QR code on your desktop (it’s proper funky)!

If you do use Xero (we do!), it’s a simple no-brainer as you can reconcile your accounts for your bookkeeping right within the Tide app, syncing with Xero automatically.

The most intuitive thing for us is that customer service queries can be just like a simple text, and responses are always prompt, we’ve never waited more than 18 hours, and that was overnight on a weekend!

Tide boasts protection of your money that matches UK ‘traditional’ banks as your money is ring-fenced within a Barclays client account. (do your own research, but we’re satisfied) You also get a debit card (Mastercard), just like any other bank account.

Business banking for wedding photographers

Finally, Tide is just simple to use and simple to understand. You pay a flat 20p per transaction (in or out), and that’s it. Accounts we still have with high street banks Barclays and Natwest charge over £6 per/m in fees, so it would take over 30 transactions a month to even have to pay more for the ease of use.

We don’t receive anything for recommending this to you. To our knowledge there are no referral codes available, we guess that’s a further testament to how good it is! Tide.

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