We’ve all been there, inspired by how one of our peers has gained so much notoriety yet unable to put your finger on exactly how it differs from what you’ve done. We don’t know what we don’t know, right?

Well, we’ve curated a selection of the UK’s best togs to unpack their brains LIVE during a conversation with you right inside your own home.

This series of live webinar conversations are all about doing away with the cliche fluff and delivering tips, tricks and actionable insights from our industry’s best creators, thought leaders and entrepreneurs.


We recently hosted Alan Law in the first of our monthly series of live webinar workshops; Alan is known for capturing the non-contrived, and never deviating from that approach. A question that frequently arose was how he addresses the potential conflict between his ‘no pose’ approach and delivering ‘expected’ portraits of the couple, an element of the day which is by nature contrived. See how Alan approached this question.


Pricing a non-commodity like photography can be tough, and there are many different variables to take into consideration before plucking a number. During our recent webinar workshop hosted by Sam Docker, Sam deep dived into his pricing journey and we loved his organic yet well measured approach to pricing.

No Faff
I have taken part in the webinars by Alan Law and Sam Docker and the value is incredible. I love that I can sit in my pj's and relax whilst watching and learning. Full day Workshops are great but for me this suits my way of learning. Straight to the point and no faff. - Ross Alexander Muir
Renewed Determination
I came away with lots to think about and a renewed determination to have confidence in my own style and abilities. - Arianna Hammersley-Fenton
Brilliant way to bring photography to next level....especially for moms like me....who might not have full day free mid week for (full day) workshops. - Janina Brocklesby
Worth Every Penny
Just wanted to say thank you for the webinar last night. Worth every penny- got more out of it that some of the expensive workshops I've been on in the past. Such a good idea to do these short online sessions. - Rachel Leatherbarrow

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