“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art” Andy Warhol.

Some see business and money as the antithesis of art and being a creative, but we think that there is a sweet spot of knowledge and good practices when it comes to money that allow us as to thrive as creatives. This corner of the website is dedicated to all things MONEY.

The Power of Compounding

I’ve had conversations about saving and investing with many photographers in the past, and I’m generally surprised by the lack of enthusiasm for the topic (i know, right!). I hear things like “what’s the point of earning like x% on your money, it’s only like £x per year, it’s best off just sitting in your account where it’s easy to get to when you need it”.

Now, if it wasn’t for compounding, I’d tend to agree with this viewpoint; on the surface, typical returns of ISA’s/investments can look puny. Enter compounding…

Pete Matthew Live Webinar Workshop

Pete Matthew from Meaningful Money was a PB Live guest in June of 2018 and talked us through the basics of easy budgets, clearing debts and having a financial buffer before he deep dived into the next steps of Saving, Investing, Monitoring and Automating – then (oh yes there is more) Pete will enlighten us with all things Pensions, the magic of compounding as well as giving you the tools you’ll need to build your own financial plan.

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