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We are absolutely blessed to have top man Alan Law on your screens. Now if you don’t know Alan, Alan is a international multi award-winning photographer, including ; Wedding Photographer of the Year (TWIA / & South West), Best Reportage Wedding Photographer 2015, 2014 & 2013 (SWWA), and a Fearless Award Winner.

Based down in (sometimes sunny) Cornwall Alan was named as one of Rangefinder Magazine’s ’30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography in the World’.

The first 90 minutes of this webinar playback is all about Alan deconstructing his approach to shooting and business, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A from a live audience in March 2018.

“Really useful and inspiring, and it’s just what I needed to get me ready for wedding season to kick off… honestly, it was so worthwhile, and I learnt more from that two hours than I have done at some full day workshops. So THANK YOU!” – Clare Tam-Im

Watch some highlights and get a feel for the format…

The conversation is overall fluid, but here are a few topic headers Alan covered in this live webinar:

How & Why I Shoot:

•    My equipment and lens choices
•    Why creativity throughout the entire day is vital
•    No posing whatsoever

Technique, Ideology & Composition:

•    ‘Saying no to centre’; tips on creative compositions on the fly
•    Why and how to get really close…really, really close!
•    Empathy; why it’s vital and how to utilise it.
•    Patience *and* shooting a lot; sound like opposites, right?
•    ‘Couple time’ with zero posing….how?

How to Book More Weddings (and the right weddings for you)

•   What to show/don’t show
•   The social media tips that work for me
•   My thoughts on SEO

“Great delivery and thanks for keeping it real! I’ve replayed it pretty much every day, its like the gift that keeps on giving!” – Chris Kemp

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