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“When you’re comfortable, the temptation to quit taking risks is so great, it’s almost irresistible. And failure is almost inevitable.” Donald Keough – Previous Coca-Cola MD

Heck, we all make mistakes; but there are a few particular marketing mistakes that previous UK digital marketing manager for Coca-Cola come wedding photographer, Jonny MP sees being made time and time again by fellow wedding photographers. Let’s face it, we can’t let a small marketing mistake, compounded time and time again, get in the way of us finding our clients, so we’ve invited Jonny to take the floor and give us a piece of his highly experienced marketing mind.

Introducing Jonny MP! Now we’ve all got our 2 cents when it comes to marketing advice, but talk about qualified to do so, Jonny spent 11 years working in leading Lonon ad agencies for leading brands, before becoming the UK Digital Manager for the iconic brand behemoth that is Coca-Cola. We’re all ears, Jonny.

We hope for these conversations to be superfluid, but here are a few topic headers we know Jonny is really keen to chat about:

  • What is brand and why even small businesses need one
  • Why brand is more than a logo
  • Push vs pull marketing
  • Common mistakes photographers make
  • The power of word of mouth and online advocacy
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