Kristian Leven Playback


“Use personal projects to feed your soul & business” – Kristian Leven

Like us, a high percentage of our audience shoot solely weddings, so naturally, we’ve all had periods of feeling its monotony. How does that affect our creativity? It can’t be good, right? You hear of “burn out” and “lost passion”, but we’re in this for the long game – What else would we do!!??

Kristian Leven will be talking all about how his journey to reinvigorate his wedding photography lead to a new found passion for street photography, and its unexpected, yet now totally obvious positive effects it’s had on his wedding photography business.

So we feel pretty lucky to be sharing this webinar with you. Here’s a guy who doesn’t do a ton of speaking gigs, and has a super exclusive workshop for the lucky few who know where to look and snap up a limited seat. It’s no surprise really, as this guy has his head down focussed on pumping out great work which has lead to Kristian being crowned London & South East Wedding Photographer of the Year and having his street/travel photography regularly exhibited across the globe.

During the first 90 minutes live, Kristian will be talking to us all about how personal projects are a left field way to elevate and reinvigorate your wedding photography business. After the main presentation, Kristian will be an open book and you're encouraged to ask any questions on your mind during the final 30 minutes.

We hope for these conversations to be superfluid, but here are a few topic headers we know Kristian is really keen to chat about:

  • Finding new inspiration – a super easy way to discover new talent and develop your style
  • Getting started with personal projects – a detailed look on how to break the wedding monotony
  • Creating a niche in a crowded market – creating imagery that sets you apart from your competitors
  • New audience, new market – showcase your personal work to a wider audience
  • With great exposure comes great credibility – getting your work published and enhancing your brand
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