Laura Babb Playback


“Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Already Taken”

We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again, don’t commodify yourself, create a monopoly of yourself. What the heck does that even mean!? Well, if clients feel that your service is directly comparable to a plethora of others around you, differentiated only by price (how low can you go!?), then you’re a commodity, like gas or electric (no one wants to be like gas or electric, no one).

So create a monopoly of YOU, if they want you, they’ve got to book, well, you; and that’s all about having intangible and non-replicable value, well communicated and packaged. Easy! Maybe not.

That’s why we’ve got LAURA BABB on to talk to you about just that.

Seemingly working our way through New York based Rangefinder Magazine’s prestigious 30 Rising Stars of Worldwide Wedding Photography list, we’ve only gone and got Laura Babb for you; she’s shot over 200 weddings to date and is the head honcho over at Snap Photography Festival.

During the first 90 minutes, we’ve called upon Babb to put an end to this madness and to talk to y’all about showing your prospective clients how unique you and your offering is, and the importance of getting this just right. Then after the main presentation, Laura will be an open book and you’re encouraged to ask any questions on your mind during the final 30 minutes:

We hope for these conversations to be superfluid, but here are a few topic headers we know Laura is really keen to chat about:

  • Building intangible value – Set you apart from your competition
  • Building a brand – Attract your ideal client
  • Bonus Topic – Running an ethical business
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