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There is SO much more to being a “successful” photographer than just camera craft, for starters; thinking about the longevity of providing for your family whilst doing a job that makes you happy, and that’s why when we dreamed-up PB, we knew we wanted to have a totally holistic approach within our platform.

To-date our monthly webinar workshops have been hosted by photographers because they've been the best fit for the topic at hand – well this months topic is MONEY, and we couldn't think of anyone other than the only Chartered Financial Planner who is also the creator of the UK’s No.1 personal finance podcast…

In our world, he needs no introduction, but for those of you who are yet to discover Pete Matthew, well you’re in for a money mastery treat! Pete, who is based down in Cornwall, has been a chartered Financial Planner for 20 years, and is managing director of Jackson’s Wealth Management, as well as being the founder of the UK’s No.1 personal finance podcast Meaningful Money which has been downloaded over 1.3 million times since it’s conception!

During the first 90 minutes of the webinar Pete will be delivering his ‘Photographers Financial Guide to Life’ giving all the attendees the tools they need to thrive financially now, yet more importantly, in the years to come.

Pete is going to start with the basics, easy budgets, clearing debts and having a financial buffer before deep diving into the next steps of Saving, Investing, Monitoring and Automating – then (oh yes there is more) Pete will enlighten us with all things Pensions, the magic of compounding as well as giving you the tools you’ll need to build your own financial plan.

The conversation is overall fluid, but here are a few topic headers Pete will be covering:

  • Putting in place an easy budget
  • Clearing debt quickly
  • Good debt vs bad debt
  • Putting a buffer between you and the world to keep debt to a minimum
  • Saving vs investing
  • Harnessing compounding
  • Automating as much as possible
  • The only two accounts you'll need
  • Risk is good
  • Keeping an eye on things
  • How to have your business save for you
  • Snowballing your wealth with small increments
  • Building a simple financial plan with free tools
  • Staying the course

After the main talk, Pete will be an open book and you're encouraged to ask any questions on your mind during the final 30 minutes. We’ll be happy to hold back your identity from the entire audience if you’d like to get specific.

Picture the scene. It’s 6.58pm on June 12th, you’ve got your ticket for Pete’s webinar workshop, then disaster strikes and you can't make it live.

Well we've got you covered as you’ll be able to access the webinar on demand at no extra cost for 2 weeks after we go live, and you can even submit questions you have for Pete’s 30 minute Q&A at any point before the show starts!

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