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Us wedding photography folk, and there are a fair few of us, are all hyper-aware of what our friends/the competition (choose accordingly) are up to, their work, their branding, and then naturally and sometimes albeit subconsciously we take influence from this.

Do you ever worry that we’re all merging into the same coffee loving, moneymaker slinging, unobtrusive, real moment capturing storyteller with a soft spot for The Smiths? How the heck is a couple to decide between you and the next guy? Enter Steve Gerrard.

500 weddings in, this guy knows his onions. Audiophile Steve, takes great influence from his passion of all things music and has fused this with his photography brand, flawlessly – An authentic ‘alternative’ wedding photographer for all the right reasons, falling into none of the overused cliche pitfalls. How?! Well he’s ‘gunna tell you!

During the first 90 minutes Steve is going to be spilling the beans on how the saturation of the wedding photography market has brought him MORE work, with actionable insights of how you can do the same. Then after the main presentation, Steve will be an open book and you're encouraged to ask any questions on your mind during the final 30 minutes.

We hope for these conversations to be super fluid, but here are a few topic headers we know Steve is really keen to chat about:

  • How to stand out in a saturated wedding photography market
  • Making a brand that is true to yourself
  • Stop caring about stuff you don't care about!
  • The only photographer you need to be comparing yourself to.
  • The best marketing tool that most wedding photographers are missing
  • Work to live, don't live to work.
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