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In recent years, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the lark have diverted a slice of the Pay Per Click marketing pie to themselves, but Google is still the behemoth and still very much worth your attention and marketing pennies. Now don’t get me wrong, if you don’t know how it all works; it can seem intimidating and you can quickly throw a lot of money down the drain. So we thought, hey, let’s get a google ads guru on to present a PB webinar workshop on how to start and manage a successful Google Adwords campaign. What a great idea – let’s do it!
It would be so good if we could get two speakers on to present this one. Two speakers that know AdWords inside out and have oodles of experience using it in previous Digital Marketing careers. Two speakers that are also wedding photographers, so know the specific marketing aims we have and customer journey of our clients. Two speakers, so that one can talk about Google, and one can talk about writing ads and successful lead pages. But where on earth would we find such a duo?
Enter, The Springles, or, Kat and Ash Springle, to you and I. Now this absolute power couple, beyond just being the absolute loveliest of people, are self-confessed Google Geeks, who relish in passing on their Google knowhow in 1 to 1 workshops – but thankfully we’ve talked them around to delivering a webinar for you!

We hope for these conversations to be superfluid, but here are a few topic headers we know Kat and Ash are really keen to chat about:
  • What is all this gubbins in my AdWords Dashboard? We’ll make sure you know what all these bells and whistles are really for.
  • Building effective landing pages that engage your potential customer and act as an effective conversion funnel. A great landing page = Enquiries = BOOKINGS!
  • How to write engaging, brand-focused Ads your ideal client can’t help but click.
  • Setting up an effective local Google Adwords Campaign to secure those vital local & UK weddings
  • How to book weddings in any country you choose using AdWords
  • How to estimate the traffic you’ll get from your Campaign
  • How to set advertising budgets (and stick to them!)
  • How to manage your Campaigns on an ongoing basis
  • Best practices for Wedding Photographers – let’s talk about negative keywords, keyword match types, looking after your account and all those other nits ’n’ grits.
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