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“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.” – Anonymous

We jest, but hey, in a world where consumers more now than ever have absolute faith in Google to deliver search results ranked on relevance and autonomy, it’s not a good look to be too far down those listings. Continuing on our journey of education beyond clicking the shutter (or sci-fi hand gesture for you new-fangled-Sony-Mirrorless folk) we’re pretty chuffed to have TOM ROBAK, delivering 90 minutes of practical and easy to implement SEO goodness.

“Social may be sexy but search still pays the bills.”  – Anonymous

Tom is a wedding photographer with a difference. Yes, Tom is also an SEO whizz, who runs ROBAK.CO, a Search Engine Optimisation and web design consultancy. Almost 4,000 of us use the super active Facebook group “SEO for Photographers”, well that’s Tom’s brainchild. Tom is a talker, and in the last 12 months has riffed SEO words of wisdom at Way Up North & BodaF.

During the first 90 minutes live, Tom will be talking us through the tips, tricks and tools that we need to put together our own SEO strategy and improve our online presence, the DOs and certainly not forgetting the all too common DONTs of all things Google in 2018!

We hope for these conversations to be superfluid, but here are a few topic headers we know Tom is really keen to chat about:

  • What would Google do? What’s Google’s thought process when it comes to rankings
  • Speed Optimisation – User Experience, User Experience, User Experience
  • Internal Link Improvements – Common mistakes with big consequences
  • Google Analytics Configuration – How else can you objectively measure your SEO success?
  • Page content, blog and keyword optimisation – Content is king and all that

After the main presentation, Tom will be an open book and you’re encouraged to ask any questions on your mind during the final 30 minutes.

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