Sam Docker: Wedding Photography Pricing Strategy

Pricing a non-commodity like photography can be tough, and there are many different variables to take into consideration before plucking a number. During our recent webinar workshop hosted by Sam Docker, Sam deep dived into his pricing journey and we loved his organic yet well measured approach to pricing. 

Sam puts his pricing strategy down to a combination of trusting his gut, and justifying increases against object milestones or achievements; and then frequently reviewing. Sam started at £500, a price point that a lot of us start at when we’re ready to take the plunge and charge clients. 

Clients booked. This initial momentum led to Sam honing his craft; the prices got bumped up. Clients still booked. Sam won a few awards; the prices got bumped up once more. Clients still booked. Sam reinvested profits back into his website, honing his brand; the prices got bumped up. Clients still booked. Sam was fully booked in December for the following season, safe zone; the prices got bumped. Clients still booked. Sam’s brand was strong, his work consistent and recognisable; the prices got bumped – clients STILL book. 

If you want Sam’s work, you have to book Sam and pay Sam’s price; that’s the luxury you have when you ensure that your work and your brand are not a commodity. It stresses the importance of staying unique and sending a strong message of what makes you’re work and approach unique.

More from Sam via his two hour Webinar Playback, and the 2 minute extract below…

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