When running any business or being a freelancer it’s easier than ever to mistake being productive with simply being busy. True productivity comes from spending your time on what value you offer most.

In the early days of starting any venture you can easily consume yourself with all the tasks that one needs to do in order to create momentum and strive towards perfection. However, as you experience success and growth, it’s important to remember to leave behind some of the tasks that you’ve been doing yourself and streamline or outsource items on the ‘to do’ list that you don’t necessarily need to be doing yourself. One of the easiest ways to do that, and still regain that all important ‘control’ (that we convince ourselves we need), is to use tools and technology to automate or eliminate from our personal time.


When Alan Law presented a live Webinar in March of this year, he mentioned one tool which we too use weekly at Weddings. The SpiderPro holster is a superb system to take the weight of your DSLR system off your shoulders and move it onto your hips. You can wear just the holster clips on your own belt, or use the integrated Spider belt.

My Passport Wireless Pro

The most simple and intuitive feature that is worth the £200 spend is the ability to simply slot an SD card into the hard drive and have it backed up in a few minutes without ever having to find your laptop and card reader.

Some tools are obvious and over the coming months we’ll be collating lots of content for you about those systems and tools we use the most; Photo Mechanic, Lightroom and Email. However, optimising the ‘obvious’ tools is only one part to spending more time on what you love, or with whom you love.

Other less known tools; such as TextExpander, save us literally hours every week!

In the past we’ve also written about the WD Passport Harddrive, a cloud storage Hard Drive that can be used to backup your SD cards on location without even turning on your computer. (saving a good 30 minutes for every wedding) and LastPass, the only password manager you’ll ever need, it not only automatically logs you into every online account you have, saving you time remembering passwords, but simultaneously protects you from hackers.

Of course, we also have our very own Wedding Planner Wall Calendar, which incorporates many business health tracking tools, plus organisation with your couples, all into one space above or beside your desk.

looks slick
Being able to add sunset times, plenty of room for client details & the financial forecasting makes it a really useful addition to my planning process - and it looks slick too. - Amy
make such a difference
I can see myself buying these for the foreseeable future now! The little extra details make such a difference. Keeping a track on enquiries/bookings will be amazing to compare year after year. I can't recommend these enough!! - Mike
use it every year
Great product, love my new calendar. Awesome Idea and from now on I'm going to use it every year! - Voyteck
game changer
Firstly, I LOVE being able to to buy next years planner so far in advance, secondly having a planner that’s been so well thought about is a game changer... space to write more than just the couples name, bigger boxes at the weekends and the sunset times are useful for forward planning. - Hannah

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