Why we love the WD My Passport Wireless Hard Drive

Firstly, I should acknowledge the two gentleman whom kindly recommended this wonderful piece of kit to me. More than 12 months ago now Tom Robak mentioned My Passport, but I put the purchase off and then forgot all about it. Then when Mark from Shotkit recommended it to me a few months back, I knew I needed to give it a go.

So what the devil is it? Simply, imagine your SD card reader, your computer, and your backup hard drive all in one. That’s basically what the My Passport Wireless Hard Drive is (we’ll refer to it as ‘Passport’ from here on), that as well as a battery charger for your phone and a total space and time saver! 

The most brilliant thing about the passport is how it fits into your workflow and saves you time waiting for cards to upload onto your computer before you leave the wedding (or when you get home late at night). To be honest, I could do without the actual Wireless feature altogether – that’s just a bonus. 

The most simple and intuitive feature that is worth the £200 spend is the ability to simply slot an SD card into the hard drive and have it backed up in a few minutes without ever having to find your laptop and card reader. In fact, now I’m starting to trust the Passport, I’m considering not even taking a laptop and card reader to my local weddings! Why would I need it? All I need to do now is jump in the car, insert my slot1 SD into the Passport and by the time I arrive home, I’m all backed up! 

When you get home, or arrive at the land of purple, you can simply plug your Passport into your computer via USB3 and make your fourth backup via your computer whilst you sleep. The files never need to take up any space on your laptop and you have your fourth copy in the same time it normally takes to get your third.

Back at the wedding, I normally have to sit in my car for 20-30 minutes after the wedding backing up to my laptop, time I’d rather spend on the road moving closer to home or on to my next wedding. Now with the Passport I simply jump in the car, insert my slot1 and start driving. Since I shoot with two bodies (who doesn’t?), I’ll then switch the cards when I stop en-route for coffee and fuel. By the time I arrive, all my cards and ingested and backed up. Time for culling…

Other features of the Passport allow you to use it as a home cloud storage device (just like your own personal Dropbox), scroll through images on location with your phone or iPad, and also transfer files from your computer back and forth from your Passport. 

Now when I shoot internationally, I can simply open my laptop on the flight home, connect to the Passport via it’s own Wifi network (leaving the Hard Drive in the overhead), and then open the files in Photo Mechanic without ever needing to get up from my seat. 

I love it. Maybe you will too. Let us know.

Amazon Link Here.

Also for a video review from Mark at Shotkit, click here (Mark is using the solid state version)

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