Why EasyJet Plus is a bargain for £200

Firstly let me start off by stating that I’m by no means an EasyJet advocate, although it might start to seem that way. Currently, in my view, they owe me over £600 in a cancelled flight claim. However, since I was smart enough to book a secondary (back-up) flight and thus didn’t use their cancelled flight services, I am, apparently, not entitled to a refund and compensation, (but that’s another story). 

As a whole, I love EasyJet, they offer a good service which is wide spread here in Europe, you can pretty much get from anywhere to anywhere using the orange airline.

If you live in the South of England near one of EasyJet’s four main hubs, namely; Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and Bristol, then EasyJet is likely a fantastic airline for you, not least because of it’s selection of destinations, but more specifically that it flies to all the ‘key’ Destination Wedding locations; Bordeaux, Milan, Verona, Malaga, Pisa, Naples, Paris, and many more…

What’s really great about EasyJet though, unlike many other ‘budget’ airlines, is the EasyJet Plus programme and it’s flexibility with hand baggage if you purchase Speedy Boarding, or hold an EastJet Plus card. This is particularly useful for us as photographers, with a large weight allowance in your main cabin bag for all our gear, and also an additional bag guaranteed for a laptop and clothes (with EasyJet Plus), EasyJet really is a superb airline for the semi-frequent traveller. 

In fact, if you shoot just four Destination Weddings a year, EasyJet plus is paid for! Providing of course that EasyJet flies from and to your chosen airports. If not, it may even be worth an additional hour on the road to use an airport that allows you the peace of mind that EasyJet plus can offer you.

You can read a full list of the benefits of EasyJet plus here.

To summarise for you though, the main highlight is that it’s free to use Speedy Boarding, Select a Seat, and, most important, guarantee two unlimited weight cabin bags in the cabin with you on ANY flight! Book an exit row seat at the front (for free), and you’ll have extra leg room, no bags around your feet and be off the plane quickly. Skip the passport queues and be in your hire car whilst the tourists are still waiting for the baggage carousel to start. 

All this on EVERY EastJet flight. 

Typically the above privileges cost somewhere in the region of £20-£30 in addition to your travel fair, per flight, thus in 7 or 8 one way trips (4 return trips), you’ll have easily recouped your investment. 

If you fly as much as I have over the past three years, then you should definitely be looking at this very closely, but also consider the trade-offs of using one of the bigger airline alliances; Namely, ‘One World’, however that’s beyond the scope of this article. 

For the semi frequent traveller though, which I’m sure will be most of you reading this, check out EasyJet Plus, take the hassle out of travelling and arrive at your destination fully focused on the job at hand – not stressing about your cameras in the hold. 


Thoughts, questions and ideas welcome, have a great day insiders!

More information about EasyJet Plus here.

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