Why wealth is not taboo, a thought experiment

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau

When you spend a little time around our friends across the pond, it’s very easy to see that us brits (as a whole) have a very different attitude towards money. We’re often reserved, shy and even, at times, go as far as to present money as “the route of all evil”. Perhaps not a funny statement for the dictator of North Korea, or the current establishment of Venezuela, but here in the UK, one of the worlds centres of capitalism, with over 4 million people self employed, it seems an odd sentiment to have. Wouldn’t you agree? 

It’s not uncommon for us brits to dismiss wealth as something to turn away from, as an evil, sometimes secret, desire. On the contrary though, wealth and the pursuit of it is perfectly natural and a reasonable desire to have. Do you know what happened last time someone gave socialism a try?

In my opinion wealth is not taboo, wealth should be sought and wealth should be accumulated, wherever it is possible to do so. 

If I ask you to think of someone wealthy? Who do you think of? 

You probably don’t think of your siblings, your uncle, your kids or your dog! You probably think of someone “famous”, someone in the media, someone who owns a 2018 Ferrari as the run around. But then that entirely depends on your definition of what wealth is, doesn’t it?

To me, wealth is too be desired, it is to be accumulated, it is to be sought after. However wealth doesn’t, need to represent an 8 digit bank account balance, although some form of financial wealth is important to a balance life. For me, wealth can be summed up in one other very simple word; CHOICE. 

The choice of what I do with my time, the choice of where I spend my time, the choice of whom I spend that time with. You see another theme occurring here; TIME.

Wealth, at least financial wealth, provides this choice of time. And wouldn’t anyone want that? 

Of course there are many forms of wealth that are not tied to a number in a bank account. Wealth needs to be tangible. It’s likely (I hope), that your dog and your kids are wealthy, but they are wealthy in the form of love. Your retired friends or family are likely wealthy too, as they hopefully have a wealth of free time. Even you and I are wealthy in some form, as we have the wealth of a fulfilling job. (or at-least pursuing a fulfilling job)

Wealth can present itself in many forms, but it’s important to also honour and not snarl at the pursuit of financial wealth too, it’s not evil, it’s common sense. Have you seen how much a care home costs a week? Or have you seen how much the state pension currently is? If you haven’t – take a look! I certainly wouldn’t want to live on that, and I’m not intending too.

Money can’t buy happiness, right? 

Well it’ll buy you a jet ski, and have you ever seen anyone unhappy on a jet ski?

So my thoughts are to take care of your own business, create wealth vehicles, accumulate in line with your goals, create choice for yourself and your family, talk about money openly and live a fulfilling life with whatever you accumulate over time. Do you agree?

Like this way of thinking? You may like to read The E-myth by Michael E. Gerber, and Mark Homer’s Low Cost High Life.

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